Whether you're a youth group, or team building, we've got something to suit your needs.

Arts & Crafts

It’s time to show your artistic side with our arts and crafts sessions. Choose from:

  • Bracelet making
  • Stained glass painting
  • Brass rubbing
  • Heraldry coats of arms designing
  • Badge making
  • Miniatures scenes modeling
  • And more...


Although maybe not as extreme as Bear Grhyls our Bushcraft sessions will undoubtedly teach you new skills to prepare you for outdoor living. Our staff will take you through some basic hands-on lessons which should help you to achieve the basics needed for survival in the great outdoors. These include: Building, lighting and managing a fire, filtering water for drinking, using basic tools, building a shelter, use of map and compass and, finally, cooking over an open fire.

60 minutesYear 3+

Big games package

Big games package

It's time to get your teams together and play our new “it's a knockout” style big games session.

You’ll be dividing into teams to compete in the the challenges which include a combination of our inflatables and other games. Includes a selection of:

  • Bungee challenge
  • Pugel battle
  • Sumo racers
  • Pole joust
  • Water balloon team catapult
  • Sack race
  • Space hopper madness

90 minutesYear 5+


Will the legend of Sherwood Forest comes to St Mark’s as you take up the challenge and compete for the fabled Silver Arrow? Shoot for the first time or maybe hone your skills if you’ve shot before.

Maybe you're a modern day hot shot? Try your hand as a sniper with our telescopic sighted air rifles. Let the cross hairs find their mark as you steady your breathing, slip off the safety catch and gently squeeze the trigger.

90 minutesYear 5+

Projectiles package

Military package

Laser Tag

In use for training by the US army our laser tag gaming system gives you all the excitement of paintball but without the pain! But first you need to get in shape - no place for slackers in this army!

Get geared up with our state of the art MP5 assault weapons. These feature red dot laser sights for the ultimate accuracy which you’ll need for playing a variety of scenarios around the site.

120 minutesYear 5+

Or if none of our packages suit...

Why not choose from one of our other activities or ask about your own bespoke combination:

  • Initiative, team games
  • Orienteering (offsite)
  • Treasure hunt (onsite)
  • Junior Treasure hunt (onsite)
  • Guided walks (night / day)
  • Inflatables
  • Drum workshop
  • Archery
  • Air Rifles
  • Assault Course
  • Junior Assault Course
  • Bushcraft
  • Team Building

Or we have loads of free stuff!

Just ask to make use of any of the following:

  • Pool table (indoors)
  • Table Football (indoors)
  • Football goals, basketball, volleyball
  • Tag rugby
  • Ball games

All activities are subject to availability and some require levels of fitness which may mean we need to suggest an alternative. St Mark’s reserves the right to exclude individuals or groups from activities for any reason. Activity sessions may be ceased early where weather or behaviour of participants puts the safety of participants at risk. Refunds will only be offered where cessation is not the fault of participants (eg weather, equipment failure etc)

St Mark’s staff will take responsibility for running organised activities but there is an expectation that adults accompanying groups will engage in the these activities where necessary (eg. helping with crafts, general supervision, assisting with treasure hunts etc.) No adults will be asked to assist outside of their personal capabilities, comfort or training. Groups with adults who are unwilling to participate in this way are advised that they should not book organised activities.

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